Saturday, 24 December 2016


Hi everyone,

Hope you're all having a fabulous Christmas season! Sorry I've not posted for so long [everything seems to be going so quickly] I just wanted to say I hope you all have an amazing Christmas! Let me know what your favourite thing about Christmas is? Mines probably how happy everyone is and how friendly it feels. Thanks to anyone who has commented, I love hearing from you,

Love Lozza xx

Saturday, 15 October 2016

My Parents Are Getting A Divorce

I found out today that my parents are getting a divorce, my dad is going to move out by January 2017. My parents are still friends but they said they can't stay together like this. Surprisingly I hardly cryed much because this happened for a different reason two years ago [I'm not going to write about today] but then it got sorted but this, it's not going to get fixed.

I thought I'd tell you about this and share my journey maybe I'll help someone I don't know. Any advice for me? Comment below,
Love Lozza xx

Perfume Reviews October 2016

I have two perfumes to review today they are in very different price ranges and are very different to each other but both amazing.

1. Primark- Dreamcatcher
This wasn't on their website so unfortunately I can't put a link for it on here but I will explain as much as I can. It has beautiful packaging which caught my eye. I'm not the best [shall we say?😂] at describing smells so I'll copy the description from the box which says, "A decadent and seductive floral-oriental, gourmand fragrance with blackcurrant and orange blossom combined with addictive notes of crushed hazelnut, cocoa and captivating patchouli." Which I agree with of has a fruity and floral smell however I can't honestly say I can smell hazelnut but still a very nice, warming scent.

2. Alexander McQueen - McQueen I have a sample size of this so I'm contemplating whether to buy a full bottle which would make me very happy but my purse not so much. The description is very long so I'll just put a picture of it here:

Again I completely agree with this it is a much darker scent to the other one but I completely adore it. 

Hope you enjoyed reading,
Love Lozza xx

Friday, 7 October 2016

Autumn Is Here...

I think that Autumn is officially here, it's getting colder. People are wearing layers of clothes and the PSL [Pumpkin Spiced Latte]s are appearing in people's Snapchat stories.

Autumn us one of my favourite times of year with Halloween, crunchy piles of leaves and warm clothes. And the crisp, morning walks [I'll try and do a blog post on this with photos, finally].

I would love to hear what your favourite thing about Autumn is in the comments,

Love Lozza xx

Sunday, 25 September 2016



I don't know if you can see that this blog post is using a different email but just in case I haven't been hacked don't worry it's still me, if anyone is worried. It's not like anyone would want to hack this blog anyway 😂 💗

Anyway just felt like writing in here. I feel like I should have more pictures on here because it's all just writing, writing and more writing so I'll think I'll include more pictures. How does that sound?

Also recently read Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell it's amazing and The Dragonfly Pool by Eva Ibbotson also incredible. I read both of them in about two days.

Sorry this post is kinda random. I hope you enjoyed reading it, if anyone is reading anyways,

Love Lozza xx

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Back To School

Hey everyone!

Hope you all have had a fantastic summer! Just wanted to quickly say if any of you are going back to school. I hope this year is the best it can be and I know that it can be hard but I wanted to let anyone reading this know if there is anyone reading that I am hear for you and would love to hear about your first few days back in the comments.

Love Lozza xx

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Summer 2016

Hi, everyone!

I 💗 summer! This one has been really good and I just wanted to say I hope you all have had an amazing time and enjoyed the warm, as much as there is in the UK anyway 😂

If you're going back to work or school, then I hope that the following year is a good one for you!

Although Summer isn't quite over yet I'm very excited for Autumn, the crunchy leaves and the cosy clothes are just two of the many amazing things about Autumn. I would love to hear your favourite things about Autumn,

Love Lozza xx

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

My Five Favourite Books

My Five Favourite Books
Reading is something I have a real passion for I'm always reading a book and always have a list of books I want to read. I find it amazing that you can be in the completely same place as when you started reading but be in a completely new world or part of this world that you've never seen or thought of before so here I have compiled a list of my top five favourite books :

1. We Were Liars by E Lockhart - This book is incredible I read this twice in 2 days it is moving, brilliant and shocking but also so normal, so relatable but in a way so unimaginable. This is so thought-provoking but written in a way that thoughts that aren't normal become so simple and almost understandable, I could not sing enough praises for this book. I can't explain what it's about because I'm scared I'll give too much away. Seriously, just read it.

2. The Thing About Jellyfish by Ali Benjamin - This is so deeply unforgettable, so inspiring and shows the extents people go to be true to their friendship but in their own way. It shows what people will do to be remembered to well no, to remind other people who they are and the obsessions which can drive people to do things they would never normally do.

3. Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard - This is so rung with truth and deeper meanings, the realities of things that media and people have made to seem beautiful or almost glamorous when they are cruel, ugly and painful. This book is the most beautiful portrayal of friendship, life and dynamics. I want someone to make this into a film but without changing any of it. It's unbelievably real.

4. The Hunger Games Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins - This book is so eerily inspiring and incredible. It makes you truly wonder about the world, who we are and what our place in society is. I think everyone should read this not just seen the films even though they are also incredible. It is definitely worth reading this whole book for the last line of the book and the last line of the epilogue, if I had written this I would feel like I had achieved everything, it is literary genius.

5. All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven - This book is so beautiful and I completely see why people have said it's the next Fault In Our Stars ( a book which is on my want to read list but I have seen the film, it's amazing ) but I think this book is amazing in it's own right. The story is so moving and you feel a deep connection to the characters. It shows the brutality of some lives and the background that builds people into who they are and what they do.

Thanks for reading, I would love to hear if you've read any of these books and what you thought of them and if you have any recommendations for other books I should read.

Love Lozza xx

Wednesday, 6 July 2016



Hi, I thought this was an important thing to make clear from the start. I would only give my own honest genuine opinion about products as I often find it creates distrust when you're not certain someone genuinely likes a certain product but here on Lozza, I want it to be a safe, kind, honest community between my and any readers that we can all enjoy.

Everything you see on any of my blog post whether that is photos, text or anything else are created by the author of this blog [Lozza] unless otherwise said. I do not give permission for any of my blogging content to be used unless I personally have given consent.

If you have any concerns contact me by email . Thanks, Love Lozza xx

Serious business over, finally! I hope you like my blog so far and I saw this recently and it made me laugh, enjoy! :
This is not my photo and this is the link to where it's from [just to make it clear it's not my photo and I don't take any credit for the genius of this, especially not in this blog post 😂😃] 

Have a great day! Love Lozza xx

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

My Makeup Collection

Hi! I wanted to write about my makeup collection as it's quite small at the moment so if you have any recommendations let me know but also I wanted to show you the products I use often. [I've put a cloud sticker on all the mirrors to make it clearer which products have mirrors and which don't] I don't wear makeup everyday because I'm usually rushing to get ready but I usually wear a gold smokey eyeshadow look with mascara and under-eye concealer. If I have more time or usually on the weekend I wear foundation, concealer, powder, eye-shadow, light contour, highlight and sometimes eyeliner [I'm definitely no expert at eyeliner, or any makeup for that matter]
I'll break down the different parts of my collection even though there isn't a lot to break down, the first category is face:
For my face I use four products which are:
1. Rimmel - Wake Me Up Foundation Shade 010 Light Porcelain
I like this foundation a lot because it has an illuminating effect, it contains vitamin C and has SPF 15. It has a medium         coverage yet doesn't feel heavy on your face.
2. Collection - Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer Shade 1 Fair
This is a really good concealer and I know so many other people who also love this. It says conceals for up to sixteen hours I've never tested this [let me know if you want me to do a blog post on testing how long products last compared to what they said] however it is certainly long lasting.
3. Rimmel - Stay Matte Pressed Powder Shade 001 Transparent
This powder is lovely to wear, it feels light on the skin and not at all cakey. It claims to last 5 hours [again I haven't       properly tested this, it does last well though] and stops the face looking oily.
4. Sleek - Face Contour Kit Pressed Contouring Powder and Highlighter in One Shade 884 Light
This is a great kit with a matte contour that defines the face and is easy to blend and a shimmery, illuminating highlight     that can be a subtle glow or a strong shimmer on the face. The only downside of this product is that it's quite warm         toned so is better for a bronzy glow rather than a defined, shadow like cool toned contour.
The second category is eyeshadow:
There is also 4 products in this category they are:
1. [Top left] Sleek - i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette Shade 578 Storm
These eyeshadows are amazing, so pigmented. With a good mix of neutrals and bright colours to play around with as well as a variety of mattes and shimmers. The photos of the           swatches don't show how pigmented they actually are [I took the photo with my kindle as I am waiting to get my new   camera: 

2. [Top Right] I just want to say before I write about this product is that I don't agree with the ethics of this company and the conditions the factory workers are in but anyway. Also I got this palette a couple of years ago so I am not sure that it's still available.
Primark - 8 Shade Palette,r1732951420150104 [this isn't the exact palette but this is the nearest to it I could find, so this might be better quality]
I don't recommend this product as it has very low pigmentation, sorry Primark. I had to really dig into the eye shadow to get any colour pay-off. Although I have seen reviews on their more recent eyeshadows that seem a lot better [let me know if you want me to do a blog post on Primark makeup]
3. [Bottom Left] No7 - Stay Perfect Eyeshadow Shade 65 Truffle [these aren't the exact same as mine but they are the closest available]
I don't use this eyeshadow very often because I forget I have it a lot as I usually just use my Sleek palette however it has a nice consistency and good pigmentation. I'll be using it more     often.

4. [Bottom Right] Not sure where this is from but I'll write about it anyway. Make Me Up 4 Eyeshadows 
These are nice colours and a good set of four as they include highlighter colours and also crease defining colours and they are neutral colours that would suit everyone however they have quite low but still ok pigmentation.

The next category is eyeliner and mascara: 

 There are six products in this category, they are:
1. Make Me Up Eye Pencil Black
Strong black colour and gentle on eyes. Fades out when touched, good for smoky eye however bad for long lasting eye liner.
Good felt tip brush although it's quite wide so not very precise. Slightly grey-ish black which is annoying.
It's very long lasting and says it's waterproof [haven't tested this but I can for another blog post] However the liner has to be pressed down very hard for there to be any product which is not good for applying to the eyes.
Good, strong black colour and thin precise brush however the consistency is quite lumpy.

5. Make Me Up Mascara
As this is a small/sample size I use it as a bottom lash mascara, it stays well and makes the lashes stand out.
I love this mascara it makes the lashes look longer and create the look of more, fluttery lashes. I know so many people who use and love this mascara. I highly recommend it ☺.
And the final category is lips I only have three lip products they are: 
1. Make Me Up Lip Gloss Red 
Loses the redness when on lips so it ends up just being a slightly pink shine and it's quite sticky however it does smell nice if that's something you're looking for in a lip gloss☺.
2. Primark - Moisture Rich Lipstick Shade Romance,r35397119135064 [not the exact shade]
It has Vitamin E and Shea Butter in it so it is very moisturising [as the name suggests]. It is a nice colour and is well pigmented.
This feels nourishing on the lips and smells like a rose garden it also has a nice pink tint to it which is good for subtle colour.

Hope you enjoyed reading my review on my products. I could do something similar but for skincare. What would you like my next blog post to be about? I could do makeup or more lifestyle, let me know. ☺

Love Lozza xx


Hello, everybody!

Its me, my friends call me Lozza [my blog name, my nickname] I wanted to write a blog because I love that feeling of pen to paper [or you know typing ☺] and finishing something that people can read and enjoy. I can't change the world but I can write this blog and maybe make a few people smile.

I love photography so I will be including photos in most of my posts because as you know a picture is worth a thousand words [is that the right saying, I can't remember] I think photos can capture a moment so well that every time you see that photo again time freezes and you're suddenly back in that moment. I think photos are the closest thing to time travel.

I'll stop myself from writing anymore now because you probably don't want to read an essay of me rambling on about me, this blog is about the community I want to create where we can all be ourselves and *sighs, because she realises she's rambling again* forget about what other people think of us.

Anyway would love to hear a comment, let me know what you want me to write about,

Love Lozza xx