Sunday, 12 February 2017

Boots Haul

Hi everyone,

As I mentioned in my update blog post I got some Boots vouchers for Christmas so I thought I'd share with you the things I bought. I will test everything out and give a review of everything in another post.  Everything will be linked at the end of this post by the way : )

I thought you could use gift vouchers online so I had all the stuff I wanted ready in my basket and it was like 20p more than was on the voucher and then I tried to pay and there was no way of using vouchers so I went to my nearest boots and I thought everything would cost way more because there were quite a lot of online deals on the stuff I bought but when I went to the self service nearly everything I scanned said sale after and it cost less than online so I was so pleaeed with that : ) and I still have some money left on the vouchers.
Random Stuff
I bought some random bits that I didn't know whether to include in this but I just decided I might as well keep them in.
So I just bought some basic cotton pads and cotton buds [that I obviously won't be doing a review on haha] but then I bought these bamboo spa socks that I heard were amazing so I thought I'd get some to test myself.
I just bought one brush because I've been wanted to try some Real Techniques brushes because I've only ever used the Real Techniques sponge which is amazing. Also at the moment I have a really random jumble of makeup brushes and I wanted a good foundation brush, it also says this is there No.1 best-selling brush so that's cool as well.
I wanted to try out some new skincare so I bought a moisturiser and toner. I did also want to buy the Sanctuary Spa cleansing face oil but they didn't have that in-store and I have enough left on my voucher so I'll have to go and buy that another time. 
I bought this Nivea moisturiser because it seems like a very light everyday moisturiser so I'm interested to try that. 
Some people say that toners don't actually do anything so I wanted to try out for myself so I bought this one also from Nivea
Then I bought some makeup because I've been wanting to try out some more stuff.
I bought a Collection eye primer because I had the Tanya Burr advent calendar in December and 2 of the things in it were glitters so I wanted to see if this primer would help them stay on my eyelids.
Next I bought this Rimmel Kate Moss lip balm which looks a weird yellow colour but that obviously doesn't show up but I wanted to see if it was moisturising enough especially in winter.  
Next I bought an eyebrow kit with powders and a gel from Collection because I only have a pencil and I want to try doing my brows with a powder instead.

Then I bought the Solar Powder bronzer from Soap and Glory which looks just completely beautiful.

And then because when I was buying this there was a deal buy one get one half price on Soap and Glory I bought the Supercat Skinny Liner because sophdoesnails said it was her favourite eyeliner and her liner always looks stunning.
That is everything I bought and I am so excited to try all of it. Thank you for reading, let me know what you think of any of these products if you have them already,
Love Lozza xx

Things mentioned:
Cotton Pads
Cotton Buds
Spa Socks
Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
Nivea Moisturiser
Nivea Toner
Collection Eye Primer
Rimmel Kate Moss Lip Balm
Collection Eyebrow Kit
Soap and Glory Solar Powder
Soap and Glory Supercat Skinny
Sophdoesnails Youtube