Wednesday, 6 July 2016



Hi, I thought this was an important thing to make clear from the start. I would only give my own honest genuine opinion about products as I often find it creates distrust when you're not certain someone genuinely likes a certain product but here on Lozza, I want it to be a safe, kind, honest community between my and any readers that we can all enjoy.

Everything you see on any of my blog post whether that is photos, text or anything else are created by the author of this blog [Lozza] unless otherwise said. I do not give permission for any of my blogging content to be used unless I personally have given consent.

If you have any concerns contact me by email . Thanks, Love Lozza xx

Serious business over, finally! I hope you like my blog so far and I saw this recently and it made me laugh, enjoy! :
This is not my photo and this is the link to where it's from [just to make it clear it's not my photo and I don't take any credit for the genius of this, especially not in this blog post 😂😃] 

Have a great day! Love Lozza xx

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