Friday, 20 January 2017

Update #1

Hi, I think I might do a series of updates on here of just everything I want to say, let me know what you would think of that.

So I got a some H+M vouchers for Christmas and some Boots vouchers so I think I'll do a blog post of that with pictures and then later on do a review of the products.  Leave a comment if you want to read that.

Also I wanted to say that I'm really going to start making an effort to write more posts so I'll aim to do at least one post every 2 weeks and then eventually a post every week which should be good : )

Thank you for reading hopefully this post hasn't been too dull,
Love Lozza xx

Monday, 2 January 2017

Happy New Year!

Hi everyone,

It's officially 2017, happy new year! I hope this year's a good one and I think we're all glad to say goodbye to 2016 ☺

I'm doing a sugar-free plan for 5 weeks as well as my new years resolution to be more healthy, I imagine in 2 weeks I'll be sitting in bed with a tub of ice cream and pizza probably. Let me know what your new years resolutions are and maybe some time further in the year say if you stuck to it.

Love Lozza xx